Friday, December 5, 2014

Tales of the Shadowmen Vol 11: Force Majeure Available Now!

            Another December is upon us, another year draws to a close, and we all know what that means... another volume of the annual Tales of the Shadowmen anthology series! It has been one of the great pleasures of my life to go from reader to contributor to the "only anthology dedicated to international heroes and villains of pulp literature," and I'm proud to announce that I have another tale in this most recent volume, Force Majeure. My story for this go-round is entitled "The Darkness in the Woods," and it sees the Count Cagliostro himself, Dr. Joseph Balsamo traveling to 1766 New Orleans at the behest of the Freemasons to deal with a spate of strange Native American murders. Dr. Syn and Nathan Slaughter from Robert Montgomery Bird's Nick of the Woods make an appearance as well, and eagle-eyed fans of HBO's True Detective will also want to pay very close attention - the Devil's in the details, as they say! Plus, you also get seventeen more stories of Wold Newtonian goodness from the talented TOTS regulars, starring the Nyctalope, Judex, Arsene Lupin and the rest.

            So do yourself a favor and hit up the link below or order straight from Black Coat Press themselves (who currently have a 40% off sale when you order six titles or more - an ideal way to catch up on your Shadowmen reading) to pick up your copy today.

            Thanks a bunch! 


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