Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Vampire Almanac, Vol. 1 is Available NOW!

            The wonderful folks at Black Coat Press have just released another fine collection of Wold Newtonian goodness, and I am once again honored and excited to have a story included in their latest volume, The Vampire Almanac, Vol. 1. As you can likely guess, this collection is all about those children of the night and the particular brand of music they make, featuring fictional vampires both famous and obscure. My story, entitled "Schrodinger's Blood," sees the mystic Sar Dubnotal offering his services to a man plagued by a peculiar condition: his blood is seemingly both flowing through his veins, and not there at all, leaving his life in a precarious state. The story also has ties to Etienne-Leon de Lamothe-Langon's haunting novel The Virgin Vampire, and it's spectral, titular vampire Alinska. The "Schrodinger's Cat" thought-experiment is something that's always fascinated me, and one I've always found rife with narrative potential. I had a great deal of fun playing around with those ideas here, and hope it stands up to the other fine vampire tales found within this tome, which is the first of two scheduled volumes.

           You can pick up your copy today here, here and here.

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