Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Writer's Arena: The First Ten Battles Available Now!

          A couple of years ago I was invited to take part in The Writer's Arena, the weekly challenge in which two writers are given a prompt and must craft a short story for the readers to vote on and proclaim a winner. My entry, "The Gluten-Free Man," is still one of my absolute favorites, so I'm thrilled to have it collected in the first, all-new anthology of TWA stories collecting the first ten weeks of the competition. At around ten-thirteen bucks and featuring twenty stories of quality genre goodness, the collection is a steal, and one that any short story lover would enjoy. So, do me a solid and order your copy today!

           Also, I'll go ahead and remind you all that if you have yet to subscribe to my newsletter "Notices from the Abyss," now would be an excellent time. Only there will you get my thoughts on what I'm watching, reading or whatever else happens to come into my mind... as well as the odd piece of short fiction. Thanks a bunch!

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