Thursday, July 14, 2016

Announcing Alamud Ahab & The Great White Werewolf, an All-New Serialized Novel!

            For a long time now, I've wanted to do a sort of continuing, serialized novel, and so finally I decided to take the plunge and will be starting up one in my (mostly) weekly newsletter: Alamud Ahab & The Great White Werewolf.

            What's this new serialized novel all about, you ask? Well, the title's fairly self-explanatory, but it concerns an aging werewolf hunter by the name of Alamud Ahab, and his search for the legendary Great White Werewolf, the Alpha of Alphas. To say any more would be spoiling things, but rest assured there will be no shortage of creatures of the night, international conspiracies and plenty of prime werewolf action throughout. It is a piece of unapologetic pulp, thrilling and exciting and shameless and also--with a bit of luck--something emotionally resonant in the grand scheme of things. Although I have a plan for where the story's ultimately going, the end isn't in sight just yet. I'm in this one for the long run, and eager to explore all the narrative possibilities serialized storytelling affords (Cliffhangers! Character growth! C-plots becoming B-plots becoming A-plots!).

            In addition to all that, the newsletter will continue to feature updates, my thoughts on what I'm reading/watching and the occasional essay on whatever's going through my head at any given time. For the grand price of absolutely nothing, it's a right bargain.

            So if you haven't already, today is the perfect day to SIGN UP. The first chapter drops tomorrow!

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