Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tales of the Shadowmen 14: Coup de Grace Available NOW!

            My contribution to this years Tales of the Shadowmen is a little bit different, as it's not a pulp hero of old or obscure horror film character taking the lead, but rather a real-life figure from history. My story "Hero of Two Worlds" finds the Marquis de Lafayette in his twilight years, crossing the Atlantic to celebrate America's fiftieth anniversary for a grand tour of the country he helped liberate. Being a Shadowmen story, it isn't long before something extraordinary happens, as Lafayette finds himself transported to Mars in a younger body, and eventually runs afoul of certain four-armed, green-skinned creatures that are fond of swords and other sharp-edged weapons. Lafayette was one of those real-life characters whose story would have never been believed had it first appeared in a novel, and getting a chance to play around with his "hero of two worlds" nickname was a hoot and a half.

           In addition to all of that, you get well over a dozen other stories, with authors both new and familiar excavating the most popular (and most obscure) areas of world fiction to bring heroes and villains alike to blows, in the spectacular fashion one has come to expect within the TOTS pages and from the fine folks at Black Coat Press.

           Click on over here and here to order your copy today!

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