Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beyond Order & Chaos is up on Inkshares

            So, I've decided to give this Inkshares thing a go, as my novel Beyond Order & Chaos is up and ready to be pre-ordered!

            The novel tells an interactive, branching story similar to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, in which the superhero Light loses his powers in a final battle with his arch-nemesis at the mention of a single word. Of course, this leads him down further adventures in which the reader controls the story, spanning pretty much the whole length of an entire universe of gods, monsters and maybe one or two kitchen sinks along the way. I've always felt that superheroes where at their best when they were allowed to explore every corner of the weird, genre-bending universes they inhabit, and so I attempted to pack that same level of detail into the one Light traverses throughout the course of the story(s).

            If that sounds like something that would interest you, do me a favor and click on over to the link below and give it a look. There's a small sample of the book and also a video I put together (that hopefully won't make me cringe in the future) showing off the many wild directions the story can take:

            Pre-order Beyond Order & Chaos today!


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