Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stream-And-Run: Daredevil, "Condemned"

            Episode 6...

            After the Earth-shattering events of last episode, Hell's Kitchen is in a state of chaos. Wilson Fisk's elimination of the Russians is almost complete, with only Vladimir left still barely clinging to life. Vlad finds himself in the care of Matt, who manages to escape the kerfluffle he found himself in previously, only to be pinned down in an abandoned building while an army of Fisk-controlled cops gathers just outside. While it helps to further establish Fisk as a man of means, having so many cops on the force in his pocket makes the whole affair a little silly and convenient. I don't know if it's "bad," per se, but I do see it as a lazy contrivance that could derail the fine work the showrunners have built up thus far if they fall prey to its cliched charms. Whatever the case, having Matt cornered with nowhere left to turn makes for an exciting bottle episode, and the quiet moments Matt shares with Vladimir help to underline the fascinating moral dilemma that he faces every time he puts on the mask. With all he's willing to go through to see justice be done, with the violent lengths he takes to see the bad guys punished, he still believes in the law he's sworn to uphold during his day job. But as Vlad and Fisk both point out to Matt, how thin is the line he's walking where he's willing to put a man into a coma, but not kill him? Why does Matt want to see these men answer for their crimes in court, when he himself has no problem acting above the law to beat confessions out of them? It's a fascinating dilemma for out main hero to have, and Charlie Cox ably portrays that inner conflict this episode, without once taking off the black mask for the entirety of the run-time. This episode also has the first mano-a-mano scene between Matt and Fisk, albeit via walkie-talkie, as the two try to figure out who has the growlier voice. It is a nice scene overall, and I greatly looking forward to seeing these two actors share the same screen.

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