Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stream-And-Run: Daredevil "Daredevil"

            Episode 13...

            Things finally take a turn for the better here with this last episode, in which Daredevil gains back the momentum it lost in this final stretch of episodes. There's still a bit of moping that has to be gotten out of the way with Ben Urich's funeral (still a mistake killing that character off, if you ask me. Everything that happens in this episode would have been more or less unchanged had Urich lived). But after that, the show proceeds to systematically fix the mistakes made in the last few hours - something that is both refreshing, but frustrating, if only because it points out how needless some of the recent plot developments actually were. Foggy and Matt reconcile almost immediately, as if nothing had happened in the first place, and the trio of them and Karen start working together once more. This is a big part of why the episode picks up steam here in this last hour - with the characters ceasing feeling sorry for themselves and actually working together towards a common goal, the plot picks up tremendously. Along with some help from Matt's alter ego, they track down a dirty cop who's willing to spill on Fisk, and we see his empire brought down in one fell swoop through a so-serious-it-borders-on-parody montage. But Fisk proves a wily one to keep hold of, so Matt finally gets to make his proper debut as "Daredevil," red-suited with his billy club at the ready. I appreciate that we get to see the new suit in action (instead of it just showing up in the final shot, as I'd feared), but the look is decidedly underwhelming: the way it's lit means it rarely ever looks all that red, and all the bulk takes away from the superhero-figure the black ninja suit showed off so impressively. It's not terrible, but hopefully by the time the character comes back in Defenders (and god willing, Daredevil Season 2), he gets a sleeker look.

            Final thoughts: although I was pretty down on the last few episodes, I must say that I still loved the hell out of this show, and it has me super-excited to see how the other Marvel Netflix series turn out.

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