Monday, April 13, 2015

Stream-And-Run: Daredevil: "Rabbit in a Snowstorm"

            Episode 3...
            The superheroics take a back seat as courtroom histrionics are brought into the foreground here in the third episode, and I for one couldn't be happier. One of the basic appeals of doing Daredevil as a series is that you get a legal drama  along with all the punching and kicking, allowing the show to slip between different elements and thus keep any one of them from growing tired or stale. Here, Foggy and Matt are approached by a mysterious man representing a mysterious company that wants to clear a man arrested for murder under mysterious circumstances. That mysterious man is Wesley, the icy fellow who we saw in the first episode and who non-comics fans will start to get a better picture of who he works for. Foggy and Matt are at first reluctant to take on such a morally-dubious case, but Matt decides to take the case in order to find out more about their mysterious benefactor. It leads to some by-the-books legal drama shenanigans, albeit one with an expertly-written final speech for Matt. Meanwhile, we're also introduced to Ben Urich, a world-weary newspaper reporter who's got a sick wife and insurance problems, while also barely clinging on to a job that really doesn't matter anymore. It's another win for the casting department, as actor Vondie Curtis Hall brings a life-time's worth of experience to Ben just through a single facial expression. Urich is on the trail of a crime-lord who's attempting to consolidate all of his power in the redevelopment of Hell's Kitchen. This brings him into contact with Karen, who gets the least-interesting parts of the story as she finds herself caught up in a conspiracy from her former job that more than likely involves this so-called Kingpin of crime. I've enjoyed Woll in the series up to this point, but if this is how her storyline plays out over the rest of the season, I'm not sure  I'm quite on board with it just yet.

            And as for the Kingpin himself, the series skips all the mystery and reveals him in the very last shot, as we see a Wilson Fisk that looks to have stepped right off the comic page meeting his future paramour at an art gallery. We get only one line from Vincent D'Onofrio, but it's enough to give me goosebumps in anticipation to see more of what he and the showrunners have in store for us.

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