Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mares in the NIght Author's Notes: "The Liar, the Thief and the Bastard"

The Liar, the Thief and the Bastard

            Mordecai Jefferson is a bounty hunter character of mine who has shown up a few different times now, but was originally introduced in a western story called “A Noose of Barbed Wire.” I don’t know what it is about westerns, but I never have any problems putting them down on the page. For whatever reason, the genre comes naturally to me, and the bounty killer Mordecai is alarmingly easy to write. This story itself took only a handful of days, and mostly accomplished what I set out to do with it; namely, a tense, sort of “bottle episode”-style mystery in which each character is hiding their own secrets, also in turn playing off of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with my own little mythology of archetypes to have fun with. I’ll admit that having Mordecai give a large info-dump at the end is not exactly the height of drama, but I do like the idea of him talking the others into shooting themselves because he’s out of ammunition. The most dangerous weapons Mordecai has are his own words.

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