Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mares in the Night Author's Notes: "So Long, the Dark"

So Long, the Dark

           Dreams can sometimes provide excellent fodder for stories, as the one that led me to writing this tale will attest. In my original dream, I found myself escaping imprisonment from an old, abandoned church, only to be met with a horrid, albino cat/vampire monstrosity right as I thought I had just gotten away. The story came pretty naturally after that, and also became an excellent vehicle to tackle bloodsuckers in an interesting way without actually using the V-word.

            Most of my life I felt like I’ve been awaiting some great and anxiety-ridden event or another, so I poured all of that into the character of Mason and his situation--so much so that I find the story oddly personal in ways that still surprise me each time I revisit it. My original dream had me unable to escape from the vampire cat-man, and so too was the story to originally to end that way. Personal reasons led me to eventually decide to change that into something that maybe wasn’t a happy ending, but certainly allowed for more possibilities than the singular and final fate of being unable to escape a not-ideal situation.

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