Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stream-And-Run, Halloween Edition: Seed of Chucky (2004)

          “I don’t know much about myself. I know I’m an orphan. I know I’m a freak. And, of course, I know that I’m Japanese.”

             Don Mancini finally gets to cut loose in a big way with Seed of Chucky, his directorial debut and the fifth in his series chronicling the adventures of everyone’s favorite little homicidal doll. Chucky and his bride Tiffany have been reduced to playing themselves in a Hollywood movie, until they are both resurrected by their son/daughter Glen/Glenda, and then proceed to wreak havoc all across town. The film is genuinely funny, as Mancini skewers the tropes of Hollywood and horror movies like so many pieces of fine shish-kabob. It even arrives at some interesting thematic content, as the concept of identity is explored throughout; the film questioning whether we are who we are due to our choices or some inherent piece of our nature. But as entertaining as it is, Mancini can’t quite find a way to finish his film, leaving Seed of Chucky with a great opening two acts but a weak finish. It also doesn’t help that his style as a director is about as bland as the series has looked thus far (especially following the whiz-bang visuals of Ronny Yu on the previous installment). Still, with its gleeful irreverence and over-the-top violence, it’s hard to not to find Seed of Chucky enjoyable.


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