Monday, October 28, 2013

Stream-And-Run, Halloween Edition: Fascination (1979)

           I watch for the artful direction. Really!

             Occupying the same space as both Jean-Luc Godard and Ed Wood, the most fascinating thing to ponder about Jean Rollin’s films is how much of them came to be due to overall filmmaking competence versus how much they were intended to be that way. Rollin’s films were routinely low-budget and filmed on the quick; he didn’t care so much for performances or characters or an over-arching story so much as the overall mood of the piece. Boobs, blood and oddly beautiful weirdness were what compelled Rollin, none more evident than his 1979 film Fascination. Telling the story of a thief who stumbles upon a mansion where blood-craving maidens meet up to… well, drink blood, Rollin’s film allows the director to indulge in some of his wildest visions, like the unforgettable image of a nude Brigitte Lahaie wielding a scythe in a black cloak. Equally artful and amateurish, Fascination features Rollin at his gonzo best.   

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